We are the Korean manufacturer of Quilting Machines for the application of quality quilts,
comforters and upholstery, garments and apparels, bed-spreads, mattress panels,
sleepingbags, pillows, leather-goods and so on, and mainly export to overseas not limited
in domestic on the base of our fulfilled experience from world market contacts and sales in
global area. accordingly, in order to abreast with the market trends, enhanced technology that
is applied to the conventional mechanism, more sophisticated type of machines can be
provided you with easier machine operation without trouble shooting, in spite of highly
advanced technical application, economic price level that is competitive to any other brands
in the world.
From above mentioned points of view,
We'd like to let you have a glance for our machines' specifications and expect your satisfaction
from purchasing decision in order to get benefits of your quilting products.
We are proud of our technology and ready to meet your problems from various applications in
the fields. therefore, please feel free to contact with us when you need business discussion in
relation with quilting machine. We are always on your side from our enriched experience and
accumulated technologies, now we are performing all the best to provide you better products
at the lower price with higher satisfaction and reliability.
Also we are expecting your ongoing advice and genuine supports, hoping we can share more
business success with you.